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Reminder List for Black Girls Who Wear Less Melanin

remember you have privilege

even if you have no savings

no inherited land

no daddy

or no job

the rumor is that you have a head-start

because you were the first to be exploited in music videos

are routinely referred to “exotic”

and are the next best thing to white women when it comes to blow jobs

and easy sex

remember you have privilege


white people talk about other black people to you.

You make them feel comfortable even when you are uncomfortable

Because they are talking about people that look like your

Mother or


Or auntie

Or PaPa

Remember, though. You have privilege. Fuck your uncomfortable feelings.


remember  to always fall back when conversations about race come up

you are not Black enough to represent Black people

and by Black enough, I  mean you are not dark enough to really know

what it means to be Black

although both of your parents may be Black with more melanin than you,

you can only speak about racism from the its impact on




the family unit




and entertainment

You can’t possibly know what it feels like to be called


Or  not good enough

Or not smart enough

Or whatever

Even though you can, you have to remind yourself,

You have privilege

So you can keep it moving


Because, most importantly,

You are not to have feelings

You are not to feel hurt that the people who part of the culture you grew up in

Consider you an outcast  for various reasons

But, mainly, and most importantly, because you are light as hell


Depending on who is doing the out casting

You are not to have feelings and speak bad about said culture because

You were raised to be a revolutionary for said culture

You are not to have feelings and be disillusioned and angry

And sad and demoralized


You have privilege

You have fucking privilege

You have fucking privilege!


White people think you are cuter.

You have privilege.

Black men want to woo you if they can’t get a white woman.

You have privilege.

If you are the white, I mean “right” shade, you can actually pretend to be white or at least non-Black

You have privilege


You are not to bring up that more melanin does not equate with consciousness

You are not to point out the outlandish coonery of darker hued pieces of shit

from Clarence Thomas, to Eldridge Cleaver, Ben Carson to Stacy Dash. No.

You are not to point out the revolutionary status of light-skinned folks,

From Malcolm X to Angela Davis.

Especially if you don’t have 4c hair. You keep that shit to yourself.

Be reminded. You have no choice in the matter.

You can’t deny the privilege you have.

You can’t speak out and call bullshit on the fact Black people uphold the color caste system worse than white people

You can’t cry and be depressed because you will only be seen as a crying dramatic mulatto.

What the hell are you crying for anyway?

You have privilege.

Stop your fucking crying.

You have privilege.

Remember. Read this list every day.

Swallow your thoughts in mixed company.

Allow your black comrades to bash white and light-skinned Black people in the same sentence.

It is your duty to your people.

Your feelings don’t matter.

You have privilege.

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Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman

Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman is a writer born in Washington D.C. Learn more at