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Liberated Muse is a Black Woman-led arts organization that centers the work and experiences of Black people in our performance, literary and visual arts work and curatorial practice.   The mission of Liberated Muse Arts Group is to engage inter-generational audiences through multi-disciplinary presentations in ways that facilitate a forum for art exploration, education and community activism. Liberated Muse places a significant focus on art that highlights the experiences of people of the African diaspora and the work of women who have used their platform for social justice.

Founded and led by Creative Director Khadijah Ali-Coleman, Liberated Muse Arts Group has been transforming spaces into art places since 2008.  READ MORE...


In My Song

I Am Mami Wata

Be Free/An Activist Prayer

Watch Our 2020 Toni Morrison Tribute at the Kennedy Center


Toni Morrison Tribute Performance

Thank for being part of our 2020 tribute to Toni Morrison tour. We appreciate everyone who has been part of each stop during our tour which ran from January 20, 2020 to March 7, 2020. Special thanks to the DC Public Library System, Kennedy Center, Alexandria Library System and Prince George's County Memorial Library System in cooperation with the Prince George's African American Museum and Cultural Center under the leadership of Monica Montgomery for having us. Additional appreciation for the musicians and special guests who joined us during certain stops.

Love and thanks to those who shared photos and videos and shared our show info on social media.


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