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Entertaining and inspiring. Liberated Muse provided perfect entertainment for all ages. We loved having them.

-Tiffany S.

Transforming Spaces Into Art Spaces...Liberated Muse Arts Group is an multi-disciplinary arts company using theater, music, film, literature and spoken word to engage inter-generational audiences. We have been featured at The John F. Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts, the United States Peace Corps, The Smithsonian Anacostia Museum, and over a half-dozen arts festivals in the United States. Book us today for your school, museum, library, private or community event! 


Upcoming Event Nov. 18: Learn how to build a liberation school

Liberated Muse Arts Group will open this event with original songs and spoken word, including some cover songs by Gil Scott Heron, Nina Simone, and others. 

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Our Mission

The mission of Liberated Muse Arts Group is to engage inter-generational audiences through Literary Art, music theatre and multi-disciplinary productions in ways that educates, entertains, promotes, encourages and facilitates a forum for art exploration, education and community activism. 

Liberated Muse places a significant focus on art that highlights the experiences of people of the African diaspora and the work of women who have used their platform for social justice. Founded and led by Creative Director Khadijah Ali-Coleman, Liberated Muse Arts Group has been transforming spaces into art places since 2008. 

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Upcoming Event Nov. 19: SACRED ADORNMENT

Calling all Queens to participate in the art of sacred adornment as a collective. Celebrate your inner experience with outer beauty! Imbibe on delicious kombucha.

Calling all Queens to participate in the art of sacred adornment as a collective. Celebrate your inner experience with outer beauty! Imbibe on delicious kombucha. Click here for more information

Liberated Muse SCREENING OF "BRACELET" A Short Film

Liberated Muse Arts Group premiered their film BRACELET in the 2017 48 Film Horror Project film screening on Tue, Oct 31, 2017. Our next screening is online on December 11. Click here for details!
Team: Liberated Muse Arts Group
Written/Directed/Produced: Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman
Music Score: Ben Dawson, Jr.
Editor: The Creative Midwife (www.thecreativemidwife)

The cast of BRACELET: Mischay Mabry, Lyn Artope, Kiana Lawyer, 
Malauna Steele, Ben Dawson, Jr., Khari Dawson, Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman
Jocelyn Alexander, Colie Aziza


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Past Liberated Muse Community Events

C3: Creative Creatives Connecting

C3: Creative Creatives Connecting at RL Hotel Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD

C3 was presented by Liberated Muse in partnership with the Artist Compound, LLC in May 2017. Liberated Muse's Khadijah Moon hosted and produced the event in July 2017 and Sept 2017 with hopes to bring it back in Spring 2018. Footage courtesy of Red Lion Hotel.


#theSPILL Open Mic & Performance series

#theSPILL Open Mic & Performance Series at The Black Squirrel, DC

#theSPILL was produced by Liberated Muse Arts Group and hosted by Anonmas. It debuted in March 2015 and ran until Sept 2015. It began in Washington DC at the Black Squirrel and ended at the Terra Cafe in Baltimore, MD. Film by Khadijah Ali-Coleman

#thespill open mic performance series

#theSPILL Open Mic &Performance Series at Terra Cafe, Baltimore, MD

#theSPILL debuted in March 2015 and ran until Sept 2015. It began in Washington DC at the Black Squirrel and ended at the Terra Cafe in Baltimore, MD. Film by Khadijah Ali-Coleman

Liberated Muse Arts Group Stage Productions

Excerpts from Various Liberated Muse Arts Group Stage Productions

When We Were Goddesses (2017)

When We Were Goddesses, a theatrical musical experience introducing audience members to the glorious goddesses known to various African cultures. This production is Liberated Muse Arts Group's newest original theatre production. The footage above is from the debut of the production in the 2017 ARTSCAPE Festival in Baltimore, MD (Baltimore Theater Project)

Lyn Artope
Colie Aziza
Khadijah "Moon" Ali-Coleman
Lori Madison

and introducing Danicia B. as Cass

Book, Music lyrics and Arrangement by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman*
Music composed by Ben Dawson, Jr.
Co-Directed by Khadijah Ali-Coleman and Khari Dawson


*The song "Ma'at" was written by Angela Ballard


In Her Words    (2012-2014)

Liberated Muse Arts, presented from 2012-2014 "In Her Words," a stage production celebrating the lives of African-American artists Lena Horne, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Zora Neale Hurston and Lucille Clifton--creative women who used their artistic prowess to ignite and support social and political movements. The production was presented by The Smithsonian's Anacostia Community Museum, DC Public Library System, Alexandria Library System, ,The United Peace Corps and other venues.

Miss Trudy's Birthday (2017)

Miss Trudy's Birthday was an entry in Too Much Damn Theatre Company's  inaugural "Up All Night Musicals-48-Hours" Challenge in the 16th Annual Page to Stage Festival at the John F. Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts. This production won audience choice awards for "Best Musical", "Funniest Song" and "Best Use of a Prop". The play was a 10-minute play that was written, rehearsed and presented in 48 hours.

Khadijah Ali-Coleman

CynDiva Harcum
Lori Madison

and  Colie Aziza as Miss Trudy

Book, Music lyrics and Arrangement by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman 
Music composed by Ben Dawson, Jr.
Directed by Khari Dawson

Running: AMOK-  (2011)

Running: AMOK debuted in the 5th Annual Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, DC in 2010. After re-writes, new cast members and additional workshopping, the production returned to stage, engaging in a 5-day tour in 2011 throughout the Washington DC and Baltimore area. 


Deja Bella 
Rayona L. Young
Lyn Artope & Nia Simmons

and  Colie Aziza as Mama Belle

Book, Music lyrics and arrangement by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman 
Music composed by Gary Young*
Directed by Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman


*The song "I'm having a baby" was composed by Ben Dawson, Jr.

Liberated Muse Arts Group  In the Community

Excerpts from Liberated Muse appearances, activism, etc.

At the National African-American Museum of History & Culture (2016)

Book Liberated Muse

(In photo: Members of Liberated Muse Arts Group. Click Here to Learn More)

Photo by Ben Dawson, Jr.

African-American Civil War Museum- #Beyondthehashtag rally (2016)


15th Annual DC Poetry Festival- Carter Barron Amphitheatre (2015)

About Us

Liberated Muse Arts Group is a literary and performance arts company founded in 2008. Read more...